Quick Guide on how to use your Shower Gel in the right way

How to use your SALMA Shower Gel in the correct way:

  1. Rinse off well
    1. Rinse your body really well with lukewarm or a slightly warmer water just to create steam in the shower. This will help open pores of your skin and help the goodness of your shower gel penetrate really well.
  2. Wash your hair first
    1. You should wash your hair first so you can clean all the residue from shampoo and conditioner layered on your skin.
  3. Lather your shower gel well
    1. Apply roughly about two tablespoons of a body wash onto your loofah and lather it really well across your body. The rich lather of a shower gel helps exfoliate the skin really well and help get rid of dead skin layered on the skin.
  4. Wash up and dry gently
    1. Scrub your body really well in gentle motions without causing abrasions to the skin. Once you are done with your shower, pat yourself dry with a soft towel.

SALMA offers you 3 different scents:

  1. Pure Jasmine Shower Gel : Shower Gel Pure Jasmine 500mL
  2. Sweet Almond Shower Gel: Shower Gel Sweet Almond 500mL
  3. Lavender & Olive Oil Shower Gel: Shower Gel Lavender & Olive Oil 500mL

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